How To Verify A Charity’s Legitimacy

Written by on September 1, 2021

Charity Assessment Organizations

When looking at charities to donate to, many people ask themselves “how do I know if this charity is legitimate?”

We have all seen a news story of a fake charity or a charity that operates under shady conditions. For this reason, the FTC recommends checking Charity Assessment Organizations such as Charity Navigator or Guidestar to verify a charities legitimacy and to see a deeper picture of how they operate by finding out how much of their donations go to expenses and overhead.

Charities You Can Trust

There are hundreds of thousands of charities on platforms such as Charity Navigator and Guidestar, and even though they are verified, you may want to take a deeper look into each charity to see exactly where your money is going. Charity Navigator keeps running top ten lists which focus on different subject matters that are worth highlighting from the top charities they have verified. You can also find a list of charities with a perfect score on their website, which less than one percent of all the charities on their platform have been able to achieve. A charity earns a perfect score by showing they have great financial health and they are transparent and accountable to their donors. You may be surprised at some of the charities on that list because you may not have heard of them, others such as Ronald McDonald House Charities, Inc., branches of United WayThe Hunger Coalition, etc. are more familiar.


SongHero Works With the Best

SongHero verifies all charities through a Charity Assessment Organization so you can be assured that all charities available through our Charity Search are verified and trustworthy. You will find a wealth of detail on our search page so feel free to search up your favorite charity. You can even use our search filters to browse new charities that are located near you or support a cause you care about.


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